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Research Development Case Studies


Ⓞ Milk Carton Container

New product design for a customer to improve the shortcomings of 
   the old container that caused the damage the milk cartons. We use
   3-D virtual reality model to communicate with the customer 
   extensively and provide accurate engineering drawings to the
   customer for dimensions verification and approval. 

    We used digital development process, so we reduced frequency of
   mold tryout and development cost


Folding Crate

   Through the improvement experience of previous generations of
   folding crate and collective feedbacks from customers’ usage 
   experiences, we have developed a new generation of the folding
   create that enhances functions and improves the shortcomings of 
   previous models.  For product scalability, we can accommodate
   customers’ requirements for additional accessories. Our modular
   design achieves the cost saving and allows product’s configuration
   becoming more dynamic.

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