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Business Item

Shin-Tai Plastics CO., LTD

◆Innovated ODM model  
We design plastics products for client in accordance with customer requirements, develop products using CNC for mold making, and produce parts using injection molding. 

◆3D Design and Rapid Prototyping Parts
We communicate with customers in details regarding the product requirements and integrate the customer’s input into our research and development design.  Finally we create 3D model simulation and Rapid Prototyping parts. 

◆Mold design and manufacturing development
Our business originated with mold design and manufacturing. We have accumulated more than 40 years of experience coupled with adding advanced mold-making equipment and employing CATIA in design & development.  Mold design and manufacturing has become our core business competency. 

◆Automatic Storage/Automatic Retrieval (AS/RS) Plastic Pallets and Logistic Crates 
Under ongoing demands for efficient space utilization, We have invested huge efforts in research and development in order to achieve space-saving and smooth the transport operations of goods. We have close to one hundred varieties of plastic pallet specifications available to logistics industry and warehouse management.

◆Vegetables and Fruit Plastic Container
Designed specifically for farmers and fishermen a variety of fruit storage containers that are durable and affordable. In addition, we have clients including Tsingtao Beer, Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Company, 7-11 convenience stores using our crates and dual-color folding crates. 

◆Various Plastics Recycling
We are a Taiwan government certified plastic recycling vendor. We appreciate the limit of nature resources and try to reduce the environmental load. Based on the principle of recycling and reuse, all our products are 100% recyclable and reusable. 

◆Industrial Plastic Pallets
We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified plastic injection manufacturer. Plastic pallets for export goods use are economic and lightweight. They replaced wooden pallets and can be stacked to save space and waived smoked requirement as in Wooden pallets.  We are a steady-growing and professional plastic pallets manufacturer. Our annual capacity of producing plastic pallets is 1,000,000 pieces.

◆Plastic Outdoor Furniture and Household goods Organizer
Since 1990s, Europe and United States were in need of plastic outdoor furniture and household organizers. We devoted a lot of efforts into durable and ergonomic household products. In order to pursue superior quality brand name, we insist on producing high quality products to ensure that consumer’s rights are protected and our export market are secured. 

◆Plastic Pails
We have been in the plastics industry for over forty years. Our customers are in all kinds of business. Upon the request of most customers, we officially put into production of plastic pails in 2009. With forty years of professional experience in mold making, our production run in three shifts continuously utilizing AS/RS warehousing and distribution.  We insist to pursue the highest quality to serve our customer.

◆Large Size Plastic Injection Processing
We have been investing a lot of efforts and money in product innovation. Currently we have five large-scale injection molding machines.  Recently we also imported from Japan a huge plastic injection machine with clamping force of up to 3,500 to 4,000 tons to specialize in the production of plastic pallets and large plastic containers and parts. This capability greatly enhances our technical competency and service quality.

  • Location: Taiwan
  • Safety/Quality Approval(s): ISO 9001
  • Product Lines:
    • Innovated ODM model 
    • 3D Design and Rapid Prototyping Parts
    • Mold design and manufacturing development
    • Automatic Storage/Automatic Retrieval (AS/RS)
    • Plastic Pallets and Logistic Crates
    • Vegetables and Fruit Plastic Container
    • Various Plastics Recycling
    • Industrial Plastic Pallets
    • Plastic Outdoor Furniture and Household goods
    • Plastic Pails
    • Large Size Plastic Injection Processing
    • Organizer
Contact Detail

No.,160, Dalun Village, ShuiShang Township, Chiayi Country, Taiwan R.O.C


No.10 Songjiang North Road ,Chung-Li Industrial Park,Chung-Li,Taiwan R.O.C.


No.14 , WuGongSix Road WuGuIndustrial Park, WuGu, NewTaipei,Taiwan R.O.C.

(TEL :886-2-22989201 FAX :886-2-22989161)


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